Cultivating cells in conventional two-dimensional (2D) systems to mimic in vivo situations is a challenge. In this environment, not only cell-to-cell communication is lost, but also mechanical and biochemical properties. The goal of 3D (three-dimensional) cell culture is to provide an environment that accurately resembles the complex habitat that surrounding cells experience in their native tissues, allowing for in vitro growth, differentiation and functionalization.

3D platforms consisting of natural polymeric nanofibers are being increasingly used in areas such as tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, stem cell research and oncology, not only due to their structural similarity to the Extracellular Matrix (ECM), but also due to their high batch-to-batch consistency, their ability to shape biomaterials into different geometric shapes and the absence of animal derivatives.

Pack: 1 tube contains 6 matrices enough for one 6well plate

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