Compact and powerful Magnetic Stirrer for any lab

AHN myLab® Stir Plate is universally functional thanks to its compact design. Your limited benchtop space will no longer be a concern with this slim profile, light-weight and space-saving Stir Plate.

AHN myLab® Magentic Stirrer has advanced microprocessor control with convenient touch key pad, allowing you quick, precise setting of the parameter and maintaining an accurate speed. AHN myLab® Stir Plate has a last run memory feature, which enables you to continue your routine after the stir plate has been turned off. You can set up the speed ranging from 15 to 1500 rpm in steps of 50 rpm and a timer going from 1 to 99 minutes. AHN myLab® Stir Plate offers you also a continuous operation in the infinite mode.

User-friendly, maintenance-free operation with AHN myLab® Magnetic Stirrer

AHN myLab® Magnetic Stirrer is equipped with a large backlit LCD display, providing you constant visualization of the real time operation and its speed. AHN myLab® Magnetic Stirrer has no moving parts, which makes it truly maintenance-free. With this Stir Plate you can process liquids of a capacity reaching 800mL in a safe way, as the surface of AHN myLab® Magnetic Stirrer is water-resistant and IP 65 compliant. Thorough efficient mixing is guaranteed with the Pulse Mode of AHN myLab® Magnetic Stirrer, reversing the stirring direction every 30 seconds. This Stir Plate will work for you over a long time, thanks to the highly robust PTFE magnetic stirrer bar (25 x 8 mm).

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